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Updated: May 14, 2020

I truly believe that every one of you wants to help. That's why you're here, isn't it? If you didn't care about our story, or foster care, you wouldn't be reading this. (YAY to you for taking the first step!) I've opened numerous messages over the last year from all of you asking how to get involved in foster care, what our kids need, where you can donate, etc. (Thank you!) It's amazing.

So, to help you guys get started, I've compiled a list of our family's favorite licensing agencies, organizations, and brands that help foster children and their families. All you have to do is click on the "Get Involved" tab at the top of the page to check it out.

So, how can you help?

  • Become a foster family! If you've ever felt something in your heart pushing you to foster, DO IT! There's nothing else like it. Reach out to me. Let's get coffee and talk. Not local? Let's chat on the phone. I will answer all of your questions, point you in the right direction to get started...and I'll be honest about what to expect. I'll stand by your side the whole time if you need me! I'll be the first to admit though...fostering is a HUGE commitment. You're literally agreeing to care for another human being. That decision should not be taken lightly. So if you can't jump on the foster band wagon, I totally get it. But that doesn't mean you're out of options.

  • Buy a shirt from my new favorite brand, Goods & Better. Their "buy it forward" program is just the coolest! (linked in the "Get Involved" tab.)

  • Volunteer your time or participate at an event that benefits foster kids. These events can only be successful with the support of the community!

  • Donate money/clothes/toys/books/luggage to organizations that support children in foster care, and their families. (Check out the "Get Involved" tab for our top picks!)

  • Not in a place to donate quite yet? I get that too. Times are hard. Instead I challenge you to spread awareness. It's completely free to do! People want to help, they just need the exposure. Share that Instagram post that caught your attention, or that news story, or the link to a toy drive for foster kiddos. Or even better, share my page! (I'll thank you a million times for it!)

Whatever way you choose to give back - no matter how small - will make a BIG difference for a child in foster care. Thank you.

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