• Kate Taylor

Mom's Grilled Cheese

Everyone has that one special thing. That thing they love that reminds them of home. It’s familiar and comforting. For me, it’s my mom’s grilled cheese. Even as a grown woman with my own family, I crave my mom's grilled cheese. It’s nothing fancy. It’s actually really simple - wheat bread and Colby Jack cheese, served with ketchup on the side. But man, nobody makes it like my mom. Now imagine that one day, that comfort is just gone. You live in a new home, with a new family. They ask what you like to eat for breakfast, but finding words is hard, especially in a totally new place. They offer pink yogurt or fun chocolate cereal. Kids like that stuff, right? Nope, not you. That’s not what Mom makes. Later that day you muster up the courage to tell this new family that you like eggs for breakfast. So, with good intentions the next morning they cook scrambled eggs. Nope, that’s still not what mom makes you. So you don’t touch them. In fact, you don’t touch any of the food being served. It’s not the same.

The next morning comes and through lots of digging and asking around this new family figures out that you don’t like the yolk. So they are ready and excited with egg whites! Nope, still wrong.

Now people are getting worried. You won’t eat. You’re sleeping constantly. But you can’t force a kid to eat. That’s a losing battle every time. But then finally your new foster mom gets an email passed along by DCS explaining that you like hard boiled egg whites, no yolk. YES, we can do that! So the next morning at breakfast, hard boiled egg whites, no yolk, sit on the plate in front of you. You have a little smile on your face, some sense of familiarity. You down your eggs and then run off to play...for the first time. But later that day you still cry for mom. I’m sorry, little J. I’m sorry that I’m not Mom. I’ll make you hard boiled egg whites every morning, but I know mine aren’t the same. I’m sorry things are so different now. I can’t even begin to imagine what that must be like. I can’t imagine a life without my mom’s grilled cheese. We’ll keep trying, for you.

*Special shout out to my amazing Mom! Thank you for always making me your famous grilled cheeses.

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